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my ayahuasca journey

In our modern world it’s easy to loose the connection to ourself and to mother nature. 

Ayahuasca will help to

become more aware of yourself and live the life you earn.


Before October 2019, it was still possible to give Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, due to abuse of inexperienced guides and the resulting tragedies, the government had to take action.



Ayahuasca is a South American hallucinogenic drink and was mainly used in shamanic ceremonies to heal the “lost souls”. Even in the 21th centuray, it found its way back into the society. Due to my strong interest in biology and psychology, I enjoyed working with the powerful tool a lot. One reason might also be my teacher and very good friend Manu from Amsterdam. I’m so thankful that the UNIVERSE brought our ways together and we enjoy the discovery of all the mystic sites in our lifetime. 

Some real impressions of my work


Guidance, sparring partner and the steadiness of a rock during a day of many things. These words ring in my head, when thinking back of my latest experience with Ben, while the ayahuasca was surging through my body.

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26 – Australia/Netherlands
Ben’s Ayahuasca therapy was something that I was very curious about. I’d done a small amount of research into Ayahuasca previously, which had always grasped at my attention, but I had never really pursued the idea as a therapy. With that in mind I was still very open to trying the drug and felt that the opportunity to do so wasn’t one to pass up.


33 – Germany

I have heard of Ayahuasca from friends before and also saw some documentaries. I had the feeling that I want to try it myself sometime, but it was not before Ben told me he is an Aya guide that I felt the urge to go for it finally.


A detailed story of becoming a guide


My journey with Ben is not my first Ayahuasca journey. I have traveled into my subconscious many times with Aya, but this was my first time with a different guide. Ben and I met during a group set-up to explore Ayahuasca organized by my first ayahuasca guide  


33 – US/Netherlands

You have questions?

Even though Ayahuasca is not legal anymore, there are many different plant medicines that can be used for ceremony! Please fell free to contact me.