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Project Urkraft

Let’s talk about MEN


Yes, it’s about MEN

If you wanna create a meaningful and powerful life with deep connections, awesome social skills and sexual freedom, I welcome you to my site – project URKRAFT. Nature and back-to-basics are my elemental focus-points with strong influences from Gestalt psychology, creative dancing and Tantra. But mainly I’m super excited about inter- and intrapersonal communication. I figured over the last years, communication with yourself and with others is a main cause of struggle in men. Yet, you are here and willing to change.

But don’t wait to long: Mental problems are becoming the leading curse of backbreaking work and free time issues. I’m not just a coach but also a psychologist in training and specializing in the work with men and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

MDD is the single most common psychiatric disorder and is affecting more than a 350million people globally (World Health Organization, 2017). Moreover, in western countries, around three-quarters of suicides in men show a link to MDD (Roh et al., 2018). 

Project Urkraft is a platform to receive help, gain knowledge and find other men to connect with. 

Thanks for coming by, your Ben


Your support

This project is my life-time work and I constantly develop strategies, create content, build new connections and will improve the gap between science and the clinical work. 


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Don’t be shy. Send me anything. Questions? Recommendations or serious critics, I take it.