Millennials are the most lonely generation

While researching my new topic about social media addiction and mental health, I found a fascinating survey about LONELINESS.

The study was conducted in 2019 with 1254 Us citizens older than 18 years old. It was an online survey comparing the different generations (baby boomers, X, and millennials). Right in the beginning, I will highlight that the American culture is the most independent one in western society, so it would be dangerous to copy and paste it into the European world. Also, they did not measure generation Z, but I’m curious how this generation is handling loneliness.

Interestingly and frightening, one out of five millennials are lonely and have NO friends. Also, having one up to 4 friends is marked as the biggest group in the survey. If the participants are asked about a best friend, the data are even more shaking. 30% of Millennials have no best friend, and the vast majority one (to four).

If you want to compare it with the other generations, please check the table below. But it seems that baby boomers have the most friends, generation X lowered the amount already, and millennials show the sad reality.

Original source taken 03/2022 :
Original source taken 03/2022 :

Are you a millennial? The official definition counts people of Western society born between 1981 and 1996. Maybe you can relate to the survey of your own life?

I belong to this group, and I can relate to the results somehow. This generation carried some burden of the older generation and got the freedom to develop themselves. On the other hand, maybe it’s the heavy workload, and there is not enough time. AND if I cite the survey here, it seems that the main reason (over 50%) for millennials having only some friends: they are too shy.

This mind-blowing fact makes me very sad. Humans are social beings, but somehow, we live solitary and very lonely life. I’m wondering if I start one survey by myself and look at the difference between men and women. My experience and psychology education tell me that men live a more independent life while women seek interdependent relationships. It would be interesting to see if and how the difference between gender and loneliness appears.

But in short, it motivates me to boost my project and connect more men in this world.

What do you think about the survey? Here is the link to the original study: