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My Story

Influence of sugars on Stromules (in Arabidopsis thaliana)

Phd program at the MLU Halle-Wittenberg


As you might already know, I have a deep connection to nature and the beautiful beings on our planet. I come from a small farmers’ family, and it’s no surprise that I majored in molecular biology. During my study, I got into a lucky position and learned about different amazing world wonders.

But nothing astonished me more than the new technologies that arised in modern microscopy. With my deep interest in small structures, I could investigate the influence of sugars in Stromules. These are specific cell-membrane structures of plant cells and, back then, relatively unknown—a real pioneer work. I was hooked. 

During my thesis, my supervisor offered me the opportunity to deepen my research with a Ph.D. program. 

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“Not knowing which kind of world I dive into, I was amazed by nature, even in the smallest structures”

The Next Chapter

And there I was, becoming an academic researcher on a highly specific topic. I cooperated just with a handful of people. Globally! After my euphoria, in the beginning, I started to see my work clearer, and the world of academia raised more questions. Am I ready to enter this kind of work? Did I learn enough about the world? About me? Do I already obtain the right skills to pursue this kind of career? Spoiler alert. I didn’t; after two years in the program, I needed a change! 

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Sunset in Paradise

Looking back on my struggle and inner discussion about my Ph.D. It was the best decision to leave and follow my inner voice. Yes, biology is still my heart, and I always look back with great gratitude for doing this kind of fantastic work. But academia isn’t my world alone. A big part of my heart belongs to people, especially my tribe of men. Hopefully, I can connect people and nature in my work as deep as my love for its beauty.

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One finding that changed my view into the world can you see above. On the left side, you see an image, that I made during my Phd. It shows actin filaments (green) and the chloroplast (red) of Arabidopsis thaliana. Now, years to come, I saw images of human brain cells. On the left is an image of David Ramos-Vicente et al., 2018 (original link: that shows an neuron (green-yellow). Still today, as I see those images, the similarity is just mind blowing and fascinating. This is one reason, why I truly believe we are all connected and a part of nature. In the small world it looks all the same (nearly 🙂

Looking To The Future

Thanks! You made it to the end of the page. Nature is great, isn’t? The beauty is everywhere, even in the smallest details. I’m a nature guy and I love microscopes and the world in it. Most of the picture here are made by myself and I want to share them with you. Why? I want to share my beliefs, it’s very important to me. I truly believe in mother nature and the connection. In my work, we will work together to connect yourself, but also with your surrounding. 

Please reach out, if you have any questions!