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Men Group


Before in Amsterdam, now in the north of the Netherlands. The men group Groningen is gathering every first Tuesday of the month. The place and time may warry, so please keep an eye on the whatsapp group

Groningen Men Group


No more mister nice guy

It all started with the Book by Robert Glover and my intention to create a support group for men. Already in my past life in Germany, I attend different meetings and gatherings of men and could feel the unique energy. Since I couldn’t find anything like that in the Netherlands, I started my own group. 

A safe space

The monthly gathering will give any man time and space to express the current obstacles. We will have a daily main topic and everyone can participate. You are new or you just don’t feel like sharing. NO pressure, it’s all voluntary. But already coming is a great start to build the brother hood. 


Groningen Men Group

What is it about


You have problems with your current relationship, you are single or you just broke up. NO worries, the group will support you and many ears will hear your story.


We will have a changing topic for the evening that either I or the group will prepare. You want to gain more knowledge or even share something by yourself. Here is your chance!

Find friends

Yes, you are not alone and there are many great guys out. More than ever, men seek out to undergo personal development. Who knows, maybe your will find your best buddy here.

Sport event

Yes, next to the gathering, I will also organize different events where we can try new sports but also bond the group while we have FUN and ENYOY life.

You wanna join the group?

Please be so nice and drop a message, so I can send you a personal link to the WhatsApp group. I can’t put the link directly here, since I wanna be sure that you are real 🙂