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About Ayahuasca

What is Ayahuasca?


Ayahuasca is a South American hallucinogenic drink and was mainly used in shamanic ceremonies to heal the “lost souls”. Indian peoples see the drink as a medicine to come into contact with the inner world. Lately, more and more therapists all over the world rediscover the potential in therapy and coaching.

The Tea

The color of the tea is brown / red and the taste is very bitter. “la purga”, the nickname, is often used due to its user often has to throw up during the intoxication and has diarrhea. Traditional interpretation sees in vomiting as a cleansing and letting go of old emotions.

The Treatment


Ayahuasca causes a strong intoxication with visual hallucinations in the right dosage. In the beginning, the effects are very unpleasant. You become nauseous, dizzy, sweat heavily and you might have to vomit.

As the hallucinations goes on, you might see brightly colored and fast-moving images. Users report religious, mystical experiences and contacts with strange beings. Long forgotten emotions, trauma and uncertainties can arise and guide you into the inner world of the subconsciousness.

Ayahuasca is not a fun drug and might be experienced by every user different, but mostly as very intense and mind-opened.

AYAHUASCA ... is a mix of at least two plants.

The main brew contains the Psychotica Viridis or Diplopterys Cabrerana, which contains the primary psychoactive (DMT).

The second brew or MAO-blokker is the liana of the pendulum plant Banisteriopsis Caapi or Syrian Rue

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Psychotica Viridis

The active ingredient of Ayahuasca is the moclecual DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), which counts to a very potent psychedelic. The chemical substance occurs in many plants as in animals and which is both a derivative and a structural analog of tryptamine.


The second brew ensures that the DMT is not broken down in the stomach and is therefore effective. The vines contain MAO inhibitors (harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine) and inhibit the action of the MAO enzymes. The degradation of DMT by MAO is thereby prevented so that DMT can reach the brain and the psychedelic effects are felt.

MAOIs or MAO-blokker (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) are required for the DMT to be orally active.

Did you know?

In the Amazon region, many more plants with all kinds of different active substances are often added to the drink.

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